How to Make you Wedding group photos run smoothly

I dont think i’ve met a single photographer yet who ┬áloves photographing the groups at a wedding.

As photographers we love being creative and the couples photos are where we can really show our talent. However before we can get to them we have to get the group photos out of the way.

But the group photos can very often turn into a bit of a nightmare.

Have you ever experienced:

⭐️ You’ve set the group up only to find someone is missing and it takes ages for someone to find them!

⭐️ The bride and Groom present you with a list of their 30 MUST HAVE group photos

⭐️ People racing off from Church to the venue before you’ve done the group photos.

⭐️ A guest demanding that they should be on a photo with the bride & groom

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then you NEED this video.

In this video Im going to show you how to make them run smoothly so they are not such a pain.

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About Lyn

Lyn Chapman is a profession photographer for over 14 years.

She started as a wedding photographer back in 2007 and has done just about every genre of photography trying to discover her where her passion lay.

She is now a personal branding photographer who loves helping other business owners become more visible in their business.