As the Autumn weather sets in, there’s less time and less opportunity to go out to play and you’ll probably find that most of your time is spend indoors. For many this means more time than is recommended in front of the television or the games console.

However, the colder weather doesn’t have to turn you into coach potatoes. There are loads of interesting and fun things you can do together without needing a single screen (Other than this one of course!)

You can get as messy or creative as you like and whether you’re putting something together for fun or making a new decoration for the home together, below are some fantastic ideas to get you started:

Baking and Cooking

While you might feel you spend enough time in the kitchen, the chances are that your little ones can’t wait to get in and get experimenting. From biscuits and cakes to helping with the actual meal preparation, your kitchen is an exciting landscape waiting to be explored and a little mess never hurt anyone.

There are hundreds of easy recipes online and many are dedicated to children cooking and finding their way around the kitchen.

You never know, in a few short weeks you could be sitting with your feet up as they run round preparing the dinner!


Calm down. I promise I’m not suggesting that you give your small people a tin of emulsion and a paint brush (although that’s a great idea for a messy photo opportunity), rather that you set them to work helping you make the finishing touches for your house. Home and handmade decorations are not only hugely fashionable but they’ll become part of your family because they mean so much to you.

You’ll be amazed by the beautiful things you can make for very little effort and budget. These flowers are beautiful, whilst this autumn themed candle holder is a great centrepiece for any table.

Board Games

Although they’ve fallen out of fashion somewhat recently, don’t discount the amount of fun you can have with board games. From classics like Monopoly and Hungry Hungry Hippo’s to new additions such as Labyrinth and Brainbox there’s a ton of fun to be had.


If all else fails, why not just get really messy? Traditional crafts such as salt dough, paper marbling and beading are not only great fun but they’re also brilliant distractions and (depending on the talent of your young crafters) fantastic Christmas presents for beloved grandparents.

Have you got any tips for when the weather isn’t so great?