So we’ve reached the half way point! 20 weeks! This means one thing! GENDER SCAN!! I had absolutely convinced myself I knew 100% for definite what we were expecting. I couldn’t believe how excited I was. I even got up at 5am (which is a miracle for me!) and couldn’t sit still all morning. It was like Christmas day for me! I had proclaimed it officially as “Baby Day!” Sat in the waiting room I was desperate for a wee by the time we were called through. My scan was surprisingly long as I had to get up twice to have a wee as baby was lying in a funny position. I think the sonographer was quite impressed how much my bladder could actually hold and to be honest after two kids, so am I. 

The was our little nugget again, wiggling around. But its not a nugget anymore, its actually baby shaped! You could see everything and everything was perfect. We have a beautifully healthy little baby! Me,  Daddy Ben and big brother Ellis desperately anticipating the big moment… (Big sister Lola casually making her way through a packet of quavers) Then it was time, what I had been dancing around the house waiting for all morning! Ready to hear I was expecting another bouncing baby boy… 

“It’s a little girl!” 

I nearly fell off the bed in shock. Daddy Ben couldn’t stop laughing. Ellis was mortified at the prospect of another sister. Lola still making her way through the packet of quavers.  

Another little girl! I am absolutely over the moon! Shocked, but over the moon! I am so prepared though which is a massive bonus. I have kept everything for Lola in anticipation of another baby so I have all the clothes I could ever need. Never in my life have I been so prepared for anything!

So 20 weeks down, only 20 more to go! Roll on October!!

Katie x


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