Pregnancy Derbyshire

Heatwaves are hard enough, I really can’t cope with the heat but being 23 weeks pregnant has made it even harder! Luckily Lola seems to have inherited my intolerance to the sun so we’ve been keeping ourselves nice and cool indoors though even with the windows open it still feels like an oven. Even trying to dress myself in this weather has been a pain! Maxi dresses are swinging around my shins as my bump is hoisting them up, my hair is scrapped back into a very messy bun and my make up bag has been well and truly abandoned. Everyones looking at my massive bump so it doesn’t matter what my face looks like! 

Baby is well and truly kicking about now. Daddy can feel the kicks and I can even see my bump moving as she moves. It’s so strange. Even after two pregnancies its fascinates me! I read an article recently about a baby born at 23 weeks and she was surviving and doing really well. Looking at the photos of this amazing beautiful little baby, only about the size of a hand, its incredible to think that’s what I’ve got in my belly! It still doesn’t feel real though my horrendous back pain in a constant reminder.

I feel like I’m walking around with a brick lodged in my spine. Then you get the really helpful advice of “take it easy!” Yeah, that’s 100% possible with a 5 year old, a 1 year old and a house that looks like a tornado has just ripped through it! 

The excitement is really kicking in now, 17 weeks really isn’t a long way away!

I wonder how much sleep I can achieve in that space of time…

Katie x


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