Katie' pregnancy diary

It only just dawned on me that I am 17 weeks pregnant already! 17 weeks that have completely flown by! I’m nearly half way through.

With my first two pregnancies it felt like I was pregnant forever. I suppose I’m so busy this time, having both Ellis and Lola to run around after. Well, I say run… Its more like a zombie walk. Every time I sit down its either someone needs a drink, or a change or we’ve got to be somewhere.

No wonder I’m so tired!

Thankfully I’ve managed to get off the sickness tablets and I feel so much better for it.

I now have a well established little bump so cue the obligatory awkward mirror photo!

Everyone keeps saying oooo you have a very neat bump! It doesn’t feel neat when I’m trying to sleep on my front at 3am! I feel large and leggings are now my favourite choice of clothing.

I do worry about weight gain this pregnancy. I seemed to “bounce back” quite easily with my first two but surely I can’t be as lucky the third time?

I strolled out of the hospital after having Lola in a pair of size 8 jeans wondering why everyone found it so hard. Maybe karma will be waiting this time!

15-17 weeks feels like a very weird stage of pregnancy. Nothing really seems to happen. The excitement to tell everyone has gone, the 20 week scan still feel like forever away, Daddy cant feel the kicks yet. To be honest I keep kind of forgetting I’m pregnant, whether that’s extreme tiredness or a severe case of baby brain I’m not sure.

oh on a different note, baby brain DOES exist. If the remote has gone missing, check my coat pocket…

Katie x

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