So week 26! Time to sit and relax? Of course not! Time to get married!  

After being engaged for nearly 3 years we decided to just go for it and plan a small wedding with just our family. In theory it sounded simple enough but when you realise an hour before the ceremony your family are stuck on traffic on the M1 things do start to get a bit hectic! And yes there were tears, pregnancy hormones did really kick in! But all was well and they eventually got there and I walked down the aisle of Sheffield Town Hall (bump first) to George Ezra’s Budapest feeling like an absolute princess!  

Again, pregnancy hormones kicked in as we both cried our way through our vows. Baby obviously knew something was going on as she was kicking like crazy through the wholes ceremony! My feet ached being 6 months pregnant and in heels (which didn’t last long) but I was just so unbelievably happy. I did feel a little self-conscious being a bride with a bump but my dress just flowed so beautifully I felt amazing! 

And there we go! I am officially Mrs Bodell! The luckiest wife in the world! 

So apart from the excitement of the wedding, everything seems to be going to plan and right on queue as with my last pregnancies. I am huuuugely uncomfortable in the heat, sleeping is getting just about impossible and I am woken every morning at 5am by horrendous leg cramps (any suggestions on how to stop this would be greatly appreciated!) I’ve also started with every pregnant womans favourite thing, Braxton Hicks. Those uncomfotable tightening pains many first mums may mistake for actual labour (trust me you will know the difference!) I remember panicking like mad with them when I was pregnant with Ellis! My back aches and my feet are suffering and my bladder has become a bouncy castle for our little cherub. Whoever said pregnancy is beautiful was a liar.  

The thought of hot weather, pains and the 6 weeks holidays is already filling me with dread. Wish me luck!

Katie x


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