Last week I had the pleasure of photographing a fantastic talented local artist, Helen Clark.

I first met Helen & her partner, Toby when they moved in across the road a couple of years ago. Toby, spotted that I am a photographer and we got chatting.

Toby, is a fantastic wildlife and landscape photographer and Helen paints what Toby photographs. Together they make the perfect team.


Photo Credit Toby Lee

They run there highly successful business from their home studio in Wingerworth. They have grown so much over the last few years and have even been invited to be represented by the USA’s number one, $350 million dollar mongul art agency and licensees, so are now going global. Helen’s work will be shown in Macy’s, Hallmark, Wallmart, American greetings and all the other huge brands.

I love to see both Toby and Helen’s work so when we got chatting about Photographing Helen and her artwork for their website, I jumped at the chance to lend a hand.

Helen knew exactly what she wanted and how she wanted the photos to feel.

I had in mind the perfect locations for the shoot and both were very close to home. Ashover Rock & Hardwick wood provided the perfect backdrop.

Here you can see just what we achieved.

Corporate photography 6_0008 Corporate photography 6_0007 Corporate photography 6_0006 Helen Clarke Art

I love that Wingerworth has lots of lovely successful businesses and I love to shop and support them where I can.

If you run a business in Wingerworth or the surrounding area and would like to feature in my Keeping it local blogs, please email