Today is a gust blog by the very lovely Mandy from Move with Mumma.

Move with Mumma - Chesterfield

Hi I’m Manda from Move with Mumma, I’ve been training ladies for over three years and helping them make lifestyle changes to become fitter, healthier and happier.

Move with Mumma - Chesterfield

I started my own healthy lifestyle journey over 5 years ago when I found myself out of shape from being a bit of a party animal. I started with walking and jogging, and I committed to a half marathon to keep myself going. It wasn’t easy, but by trying different workouts and group classes, believe it or not, I discovered that exercise can be great fun with lots of laughter involved.

In fact, I loved it so much that I really wanted to spread my new-found love for fitness, so I began my instructor training a year later.

I have never looked back and have continually trained and educated myself ever since, from Group Exercise to GP Referral Personal Training, I’ve met so many amazing ladies along the way and loved seeing their fantastic results.

I still teach every class with a massive smile on my face and get excited to see all my ladies each week.

Over the years of training it became apparent that there is little, and often conflicting, information out there for new mums on how to heal their bodies after child birth with exercise and nutrition. This made me want to provide a place where mums can feel comfortable with their baby, and pass on that information to help as many ladies as possible.

As a postnatal specialist I can help you with pelvic floor issues, diastasis issues, c-section healing and nutrition for healing your body and getting in shape.

Our Move with Mumma classes are 90 minutes, in the fitness part of the class we focus on restoring your core and pelvic floor, strengthening your body for daily life and helping correct any postural changes. Afterwards we spend time relaxing and bonding with baby using Baby Massage (0-6 Months) and Learn, Stretch & Play (6-18 Months).

Baby Massage is a lovely time to focus on baby and share the love, we have some fantastic routines to help with issues such as teething and colic.

In Learn, Stretch & Play we combine fun songs, baby yoga and sensory play with baby massage.

The classes are now running at St. Thomas Centre every Friday and Monday.
Nurture Fitness (0-6 Months) – Every Monday & Friday, 11.00am-12.30pm.
Cherish Fitness (6-18 Months) – Every Monday & Friday (from 18th June), 1.00pm-2.30pm.

Please get in touch with any questions by emailing Manda at

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