It’s that time of year again: the one where we promise to lose weight/get fit/spend more quality time with the family.

We promise that this year will be different and that we will keep those resolutions.

So, I’m here to help you make sure that whatever you want to do, you stay on track!

Decide what you want and why

We’ve all got different goals and the first step to keeping your resolution is to decide why you’ve chosen to do that. If you’ve made a resolution to lose 30 pounds, ask yourself why. Having a clear idea of why you’ve set yourself a particular goal means you’re far more likely to stick to it in the future (especially if temptation starts to get to you!)

Short term goals

If you’re intending for your Resolution to become a long term change in your lifestyle, having small goals will help no end – especially in the early days when it’s all a big upheaval. For example, if you’re wanting to stop smoking, don’t focus on never smoking again; focus on not smoking for a week and then set another goal. Those small steps will give you a sense of achievement, motivating you to continue.

Focus on the journey

Yes, you’ve got a long term goal, but enjoying the journey is as important as what you want to actually achieve. If the journey to weight loss, fitness or making time isn’t enjoyable (or as much as you can make it) you’re not motivated to continue.

Make the time

You’re doomed to fail if you’ve failed to make time for what you want to do. If you’ve planned to go to the gym twice a week, ensure you plan your life around that so you’ve got no “I haven’t got time/I’m too busy this week” excuse.

Track your progress

You don’t have to turn into a resolution bore, telling everyone about this week’s progress and achievements, but that doesn’t mean you can’t track where you are in your journey.

Celebrate your success

Whatever you’ve done towards your new lifestyle or your resolution, it’s an achievement so make a big song and dance about it!

Don’t give up

Fell off the diet wagon? It’s okay. Had a crafty cigarette? It’s no problem.

Whatever happened to make you slip, it’s a momentary blip not a failure. So dust yourself off, give yourself a motivational speech and start again!

I’d love to hear about your Resolutions. What are you doing?