I have been a photographer for 8 years now and I’m very proud of how Wings Photography has progressed in this time.

And once again I can say I’m an award winning photographer!


This year I entered the British Institute Of Professional Photographers (BIPP) Midland’s region annual print competition.

I entered the portraiture & under 5 categories.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend the awards, so my lovely friend Carol was texting me to let me know how it was going.

At around 10pm in the evening I got a text from Carol congratulating me on winning the trophy for the portraiture category and winning a 1st merit for the under 5’s.

Im so ecstatic to have won, especially as the photo I won with was of my daughter.

Here is the winning image.


And here I am with the 1st merit & winning image


I have had to keep the trophy out of the reach of my daughter, she thinks its a giant diamond & it would look fab in her room!