Whether you’re a busy working parent, a stay at home mum or married to your career, having time to yourself is essential.

You might hear it being referred to as “me time” and it’s absolutely vital that you have some on a regular basis.

Here’s why:

Enjoying our own company

Although it sounds a bit strange, everyone needs their own company once in a while. Being on your own, whether it’s for an hour, a week or a day, teaches us that we’re okay and that we can be independent. Most people don’t feel confident in their own company, and instead surround themselves with people all of the time. However, this means that their instincts can be diluted in the process. Being on your own for any length of time shows you that your own feelings, thoughts and instincts are enough – and that you don’t need to rely on anyone else. This means that eventually, you know you’re surrounding yourself with the right people because they’re the people you want to have close by.

Thought processing

We’ve all had that feeling at the end of a busy day where you might be exhausted and desperate to fall asleep but can’t because your brain is too busy. This is because you have stores of thoughts and feelings which you need to fully process and come to terms with before your brain will allow itself to turn off. Having a little alone time gives you the time you need to process thoughts and in turn release any negative feelings. In short, by having you time, you’ll be more positive.


Have you ever come back from a walk to the shops or a long bath with a great idea? Maybe you get your inspiration when you’re walking the dog? I get mine while swimming! Most of us need alone time without the thoughts or interruptions of other people (even those you really like) to get some clear focused thinking done!


The irony is that half way through the me-time they’ve been craving, most people find themselves missing their family and children. Oddly enough, being away from your nearest and dearest for a length of time, however small it might be, means you can’t wait to be back with them, rejuvenating your relationship. I make sure I have at least 1 trip to the spa every year, this gives me some much needed rest and a little bit of pampering too.

Avoid burn out

The most important reason for wanting and needing time to yourself is to avoid stress, anxiety and the burn-out which is likely to happen if you don’t. No person, however much they enjoy being busy or useful, can or should be everything to everyone all the time. Ultimately you need alone time to unwind, relax and put yourself first for a change. It might only be for a small amount of time but to de-stress and unwind properly, you should be getting you time on a regular basis.

So, lock the bathroom door and run a hot bath, book yourself in for a massage or a day at the spa, take to the park with a book or tell everyone you’re going for coffee alone. Whatever makes you happy and puts you in a place where you can enjoy all of the benefits above!

I would love to know what you do for your alone time.