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It can’t have escaped your notice that Mother’s Day is just around the corner. There are cards and chocolates everywhere. All of the nice restaurants and pubs are advertising that they’re taking bookings and there are CD compilations which have (allegedly) been hand selected for mum’s everywhere, available.

The truth is that not all mum’s like the same thing. For every mum that wants a bunch of flowers and a slap-up meal, there’s another who wants a new wok and a Chinese recipe book.

However, what every mum has in common is how much she likes her children (and grandchildren if that applies) so why not use this Mothers’ Day to get her something different, unique and totally personal.

I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite Mothers’ Day crafts below but if you’ve got any other ideas, I’d love to hear them:

Printed bouquets


Although you’ll probably never want to tell her how you created the actual flowers, these look awesome. And they’re so simple. All you need is some celery and some assorted coloured paints and you’re good to go.

Handprint plates


Again, a really simple but effective idea, and all you need is a white plate, a set of markers, some paint and a steady hand. She’ll keep it forever!

Button art


This is so simple yet effective, it’s incredible. You’ll need lots of buttons (eBay has some great deals on a range of colours and sizes), a frame and some good glue. Hot glue might be the best option but glue guns and refills are widely available and quite inexpensive. Then come up with a design your mum will adore!



Decoupage is so easy, it’s surprising that more people aren’t doing it. All you need for this is a selection of papers or photographs. If your mum is into flowers, wedding magazines have some beautiful images. Then you’ll need a frame, some glue (white PVA is fab) and a brush or sponge. Coat the frame in the glue and stick the paper down a little bit at a time. Smooth it out so you have no bubbles, then coat the top in glue as well to give a sheen when dried. Then carry on until the whole frame is covered. You might want to add a layer of clear varnish so it can be kept and cleaned. Your design is up to you and she’ll love it!

Photo clock


For this one, you’ll have to be a bit technical, but I think you’ll agree the results are worth it. So, you’ll need a piece of MDF, some strong glue (mod-podge craft glue is fab), a clock part which you can get online or from a hardware shop. You can either edit the photo online to include the clock numbers or you can leave it blank. Then drill into the MDF in the centre for your clock piece to go in, stick the photo onto your board and add the clock element when it’s completely dried!