We all know that the current guidelines are that your baby should sleep in the same room as you until they are 6 months old. We are all told this by the health visitor or midwife that comes to see you when you get out of hospital.

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These were exactly what I intended to do with my first baby.

 However,  no one really tells you about all the noises that they make during sleep, the grunting & the squeaking, my husband and I use to call it farm yard noises, well, because that’s what it sounded like.

 After the birth of my daughter I found that i had suddenly gone form being a good sleeper to someone who would wake at the slightest noise. I guess thats what becoming a new mum dose to you. So for the first 7 weeks of my new babies life, after getting up for the night feeds, I didn’t sleep a wink!!!!

 I can remember walking around for days like a zombie and not really enjoying my new bundle of joy. One morning I took drastic measures, I decided that she was going into her own room!  My Health visitor had a fit when I told her and I got a very big lecture on cot death and how its much better for baby to be in my room.

I got her room (which was just across the hall) ready with her baby monitors and a movement sensor pad. That night we tucked her up in her mosses basket as usual and put that in her cot on top of the sensor pad. She was finally in her own room.

 That first night I hardly slept worrying if I had done the right thing. I kept getting up and checking to see if she was ok. But the second night I finally managed to sleep between the feeds. I was like a new woman.

After a couple of weeks she started to sleep though the night and so did I. (yes I can here all the groaning, I was very lucky that both my babies slept through from about 9 weeks).

After speaking with a few of my mummy friends that had all stuck to the 6 month rule a few of them found they had difficulties getting their 6 month old to adjust when they did the transition to babies own room.

Now im no expert but I believe this is because a 6 month old is more aware of the world around them and to suddenly go from a room with 2 other people sleeping (and lets face it making noises in our sleep) to a very quiet room with different surroundings can be rather unsettling for a small child.

Im not saying this is for everyone, but it worked for me, both times (my son was 5 weeks when he went into his room).

I would love to hear your thought on this.

Have you moved your child into their own room before the recommended 6 months?

 Take a look at on the NHS website to reduce the risk of cot death