With the news of the birth of the 3rd child of Prince William and Kate all eyes were eagerly awaiting the first glimpse of the new baby.

However the media weren’t just waiting to capture the first photos of the new price they want to see the royal couple too, and specifically, Kate!

Now we all know that giving birth is no walk in the park and all you want to do is veg out in your PJ’s and enjoy your new baby.

Unfortunately, for Kate the whole worlds media was waiting for her, so PJ’s were a BIG no no. Luckily for her she had a team of stylists to help her look as glamorous as usual. So instead of looking like most of us normal people after giving birth, she looked like she had spent a week at a luxury spa.

Did you notice, all 3 times after birth, every media outlet commented on Kate’s dress!!! Not a single one commented on what William was wearing, NOT A ONE!!!!

Chesterfield Newborn baby photos

Trust me, that poor woman will want nothing more than to get home and put on a pair of tracki bottoms and lie and the sofa cuddling her children.

For us mums that have already given birth, we know under that beautiful dress she will be wearing one hell of a big sanitary pad and because they are so big, she will be wearing MASSIVE pant too.

Giving birth to a big baby, she might even have had to have stitches, which could mean she needs the special cushion to sit on.

She probably feel like SHIT!

But due to her status, she MUST keep up appearances at all times.

Seeing images of celebrities hours after giving birth looking glamorous puts the pressure on new mums to think they need to look the same. I’ve even heard ladies applying makeup straight after giving birth so they look NORMAL for the first photos with their baby.

Just so you can see what normal looks like, here’s a photo of me the day after having an emergency c-section.

Now, admittedly, im not looking my best but I wouldn’t change this photo for the world. I was so drugged up and can only just remember it, but this images brings it all back for me. And do you know what, it makes me giggle.

I know the future Queen of England can’t come out of hospital in her PJ’s – Man you can just imagine the backlash she would get from the press – but lesser celebrities, take a stand. Let us see you are normal. I mean, come on, you’ve shown us you have stretch marks and cellulite now lets see your real post birth photos.

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