In the last 20 or so years, there has been a decrees in the amount of photos that mum’s appear in, yet an increases in the amount of photos we take.

Our children are set to be the most photographed generation, but when it comes to mums getting in on the photo, we tend to be the ones behind the camera (including me).

We make a million and one excuses as why we cant get in the photos. Ladies, you know the ones “my hair’s a mess”, “I need to loose a few pounds”, “i’ve not put my makeup on”, “i’m not in my best clothes”. The list goes on.

Mums are disappearing from the family records.

Chesterfield Sheffield Childrens photos

What would you do?

What would you do if your mum suddenly passed away? You would want everything that would remind you of her and also the 2 of you together.

Now just imagine how you would feel, when going through the family photos, if you couldn’t find a single photo with you and your mum together.

You would be devastated.

If you did find some photos, you wouldn’t care if she looked a mess in them, or hadn’t got her make up on. You would just be grateful that you had those images so you can treasure her forever.

Stop being selfish!

We live in a image conscious society, that cares about the way we look. Celebrities are constantly scrutinise when they are less than perfect – just look at how Kate Middleton came out of hospital, after the birth of Prince Louis, Looking all glamorous and thats how most of us feel we need to be. Perfect at all times.

This is having an effect on us normal people too.

But you are being totally selfish!

Not having a photo with your children, because you think you look less than perfect, is actually denying your children precious memories. Those memories that they will look back on once you are no longer around or to share with their own children.

Lets face it, we all cringe when we look back on old photos. I grew up in the 80’s. The photos I have of me with my mum are me in a shell suit and my mum has a big perm! But you know what, they are memories. Im just so glad I have photos of us together that I can look at.

Your child will not give a rats ass if you don’t look perfect.

To them, you are their whole world. You are the one they run to when they are hurt. You are the one they want when they are sick.

You are perfect in their eyes.

Make memories for your children. Embrace the moment, get in the photo.

Let me see your photos of you with your children over on instagram. Use the hashtag #immakingmemories