For quite a few years I have been hiding a terrible secret. One that I feared would make other mummy look at me and think I was a terrible person.

I hated being pregnant…there I said it…I really hated being pregnant.

Before becoming pregnant with my first child I use to read about pregnancy being a wonderful experience and how you would get this lovely pregnancy glow.

The reality, for me, was sooooo different. Even though I had an extremely easy pregnancy the first time round I didn’t like it. I hated getting fat, although the upside to this was that I could wear tight tops without having to suck my stomach in and I had a great place to rest my cuppa whist sat on the sofa.

Instead of glowing I became really spotty and my skin was very red. My hair which had always been really thick started to fall out in clumps in the shower.

I couldn’t wait to feel the baby kick, but it wasn’t long after she started that it turned into non stop summersaulting, it felt like i had a washing machine for a stomach,  I hated it.

As i’d always slept on my front, sleeping became a nightmare as I just couldn’t get comfy. I’d take over the whole bed and surround myself with pillows.

In my 2nd pregnancy i suffered really bad with morning sickness (that gave it away I was having a boy), which stopped me from functioning. I was given anti sickness pills by the doctor, but as they knocked me out I couldn’t take them as id got my daughter at home to look after.

I had the same spotty complexion but instead of my skin being red it was grey (probably because I was sick all the time).

To sum it up, it was a horrible experience, but having said that it was well worth it to get my 2 beautiful children.

I use to think I was alone in my pregnancy secret but as a newborn photographer I get to speak to lots of new mums and its surprising how many hated being pregnant and they are so relieved to find out its not just them. Its like this big taboo, that no one really talks about and do you know something, its absolutely fine to feel this way, its normal.

So did you enjoy the whole 9 months of being pregnant?