Having photographed hundreds of newborn in my Derbyshire based studio,  I have met lots of tiny little babies, over the years and every single one is different.

I’ve seen quite a few newborns with what is known as Baby acne.

Baby acne looks, just as it’s described, think teenage acne but on a baby.

Babies can have just a few little spots to being covered. Ive even had one baby where you couldn’t put a pin where there wasn’t a spot (poor thing).

Baby photos Chesterfield

What causes it?

Well, no one really knows.

Some believe its to do with all the hormones from pregnancy. I’ve had a midwife tell me that she thinks it more to do with the atmosphere and that a baby is in quite a clean environment and then when they come into the outside world the pollution irritates their skin. Who knows

It may look really sore and angry but dont worry, its not serious and usually clears up on its own within a few weeks.

Is there anything you can do to get rid of it?

Unfortunately there is nothing you can really do to help speed up the healing, but if it hasn’t cleared up after 12 weeks, have a chat with your doctor.

Do not be tempted to pick or squeeze them as you could make it worse or even make them infected.

Will it affect my photos?


I have many years experience photographing newborns I am now and expert at retouching baby’s skin, so it can be edited out (as you can see in this after picture). After all its not a permanent part of your baby and will be gone in a few weeks.


Baby photos Chesterfield