Newborn photography Chesterfield Derbyshire

There is nothing in the world quite like holding your tiny newborn in your arms. It’s a feeling like no other.

Right from the moment you discover you are expecting your life has changed, you are not just you anymore, you are responsible for another human, one that is growing helplessly inside your womb.

You swear to protect that life and that you will always do your best for them, but I think until you finally have them in your arm, you dont realise the magnitude of that promise.

You finally realise what it is to know you would do anything to protect your child.

But what would you do if your child suddenly started chocking, or stopped breathing. Would you know how to help.

This is a parents worst fear, yet their is a very simple solution.

Learn emergency first aid.

A few months back I held a training day for a few of my photographer friends at my studio. This was run and conducted by Mini FIrst aid. It was a pedriactic 12 hour course designed for people who work with young children.

As a photographer who works with tiny babies and children (and as a mum of 2), I thought it would be really important that I gained this knowledge so if the worst was to happen, I would know what to do.

Baby & Child First Aid ChesterfieldAfter I successfully passed the course I decided that other mums should have the very basic skills that could one day save a child’s life. So I invited Mini First aid back to run a 2 hours course, designed to parent.

The course was a complete success. We covered, bleeding, breaks, chocking, meningitis and lots more and all the mums learnt loads.

I have arranged for a further course to be run on 6th September 10am-12.

Its only £20 and that’s nothing compared to possibly saving your child’s life.

There are only a few spaces left, so if you would like to book on this course please email Alex from Mini first aid