Baby Mini Sessions

Are you wanting to have your baby photographed with Chesterfields leading Newborn photographer but are on a budget?

My Baby mini sessions are the perfect option for you.

The session is for babies from 1 to 10 weeks old and take place in beautiful studio in Wingerworth Chesterfield. Babies are photographed either asleep or awake, depending how they arrive, in up to 3 poses.

The sessions are for baby only and dose not include any parent or sibling photos.

All photos are lightly edited.

Whats Included

1 hour baby mini session.
Choice of blankets, hats & headbands.
viewing your 10 images straight after your session.
5 digital images are included which are available to download as soon as you get home.
You can purchase more images at additional cost.
All for just £200


When to book

You can book straight after your 20 week scan.

Where do the sessions take place?

My boutique studio is based the the heart in Wingerworth, Chesterfield, and is attached to my house. Its kept at a constant 25 degrees, to ensure baby is kept nice and cosy. However it does get a little bit warm for us, so please wear layers you can remove.
You can relax with a cuppa and magazine, safe in the knowledge that your baby is in good hands. Its so calm and peaceful in my studio that I’ve had parents falling asleep.

Whats the difference between the Baby mini session and the full newborn session?

The main difference is time spent on creating photos. Full sessions can take up to 4 hours long, mini sessions are 1 hour.
In the mini session, babies are photographed either asleep or awake in simple poses, depending on how your baby is. A full newborn session we take the time to get baby to sleep so we can get the full range of  beautiful tucked up poses and then some photos if they wake up.
Full newborn sessions have around 25-30 images to choose from, mini session have 10 images in your gallery.
Mini sessions are for baby only. Full sessions can include baby, parent & siblings and you can also choose one of my digital backdrops.
Full newborn sessions are fully edited, Mini sessions are very lightly edited
If you are wanting the full newborn session that include parent & sibling photos, please take a look at my Newborn Page.
Unsettled babies will be transferred to a 4 month session at our discretion.

Book now or ask a question

I would love to to chat about your baby mini session.

You can contact me by emailing or by using the contact form.

Or you can give me a call on 07783 155100 if you want a natter about a session, I do like to talk especially about babies.

Lyn x

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