As a Chesterfield Newborn Photographer, I see so many people offering newborn photography. It is one of the fastest growing genre of photograph.

They think its easy money any anyone can pick up a camera and pose a baby, but how do you know if they really know what they are doing?

Contrary to popular belief, this type of photography is not as easy as it looks. You can’t just place a baby on a beanbag and snap away. There is so much more to it.

For example, baby’s can’t regulate their own body temperature, they need to be kept warm at all times (after all they are naked durning the session) but equally so, you need to be checking that they are not over heating.

I have been trained by some of the best professionals in the world and know the exactly how to pose a baby without causing damage.

For instance, babies can’t support their head, so it is vital that during poses like head on arms or the famous froggy poses (see below) that they are fully supported at all times. Making sure that the photos are then merged together in photoshop for that final image.

Baby photos Chesterfield Derbyshire

I can’t stress how important this is, a newborns head is quite a bit larger than its body and it is impossible, even dangerous to try and get them to do these poses without them being supported. All it takes a a split second for baby to sneeze or startle and that baby could do serious damage to its fragile neck.

Some poses require baby’s feet to cross over and if not done properly can cut off the circulation in the foot. With little boys having extra bits we also need to ensure that they dont become trapped and the blood flow cut off.

Newborn photography Chesterfield DerbyshireSafety is paramount in newborn photography and not everyone has received training. Your wouldn’t put your baby in a damaged car seat just to save a few quid so why trust your precious, tiny, vulnerable newborn to someone who could possibly cause them harm.

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