Yes I know what you’re thinking. Newborn photos are so you have pretty pictures of your baby.

In a way you are right, Im mean, come on who doesn’t like beautiful photos of babies. But thats not all they are about.

Newborn baby photos Chesterfield Derbyshire

Hands up, who here after having a baby went round in a brain fog for the first few weeks after giving birth. I know I did.

What with all the sleepless nights, constant feeding, trying to settle baby when you have no idea why they are crying and the endless procession of visitors wanting to cuddle the baby. Not to mention wondering how the hell you are meant to look after this tiny human, they just hand them over to you and wave you good bye and you’re kind of expected to know what you are doing.

It’s no surprise that the first few weeks of any new mum’s life is a total blur.

Although you can remember the birth (like who could possibly forget that). You wont remember how tiny his fingers were when they wrapped around your finger as you cuddled him to sleep or just how tiny he was that you could fit his whole head in your hands.

Believe me, these tiny humans grow like weeds and within just a few short weeks they look totally different than they did when they were passed into your waiting arms.

Newborn baby photos Chesterfield Derbyshire

So many clients have been amazed that in the 2 short weeks from having their session to their viewing, just how much baby has changed.

These photos bring back all those memories when you look at them – its like magic.

And do you know what?

They will carry on doing that for years and years and years.

Just imagine sitting with your grandchildren, showing them the photos of their daddy as a baby. Seeing the wonder on their faces as you compare their Newborn photos with their daddy’s. You will relive all those memories all over again just as if it was yesterday.

Yes photos really do have that power.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Newborn baby photos Chesterfield Derbyshire

We have all spent hours looking through collections of old family photographs. The joy and fascination of seeing our parents as young children and the amazement at seeing people who are no longer with us.

Now imagine that you never had Professional  Newborn photos and you just took some on your phone. When that box of old photographs gets pulled out by your gandchildren and they cant find any photos of daddy as a newborn. How will they feel?

We are the most photographed generation but 90% of photos are on our phone. We never print them!!

Well I got news for you.

Phones break, you loose them and they even get stolen. I’ve seen it time and time again on Facebook, people trying to find their phone, saying “i’m not bothered about the phone but all my babies photos are on there and I just want those memories back”

Is it really worth taking that chance with those precious memories?

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