– Newborn Session Guide –

Im so excited to meet your new arrival.

Please read the important information below to help your session run smoothly.


Babies tend to have their own agenda, so please allow up to 4 hours for your sesssion. The avarage Newborn session will take around 2 1/2 hours, but some may take a little longer.


Please let me know which blanket choice you would like to use for you session.

When choosing your blanket, think about wich rooms you will dispay your photos & which blanket will complement your home.

Hats and headbands

I have a vast selection of hats and headbands for you to choose from, but you are more than welcome to bring your own along too.

If you have any special keepsakes that you would like photographing with your baby, please bring it along to your session and let me know on arrival.

Digital backdrops

Digital backdrops are now part of my Newborn sessions.

You may choose one digital backdrop to include in your gallery.

Baby is nice an warm in the studio at all times and is then added to the backdrop in post production.

Please let me know which one you would like.

Parent Photos

If you decide to have parent photos with your newborn, I recommend either a plain black t-shirt, if you want the dark background, or a pain white t-shirt for the light background.

This will focus on you and you baby rather than the clothes you are wearing.

Please bring them along to change into rather than wearing them, as your baby may get you a little messy whist feeding or being soothed.

Please remember you baby will be naked and will mark easily so please do not wear any tops with embelishment on.

Please also avoid jumpers as it gets very warm in the studio.

Sibling photos

Siblings are more than welcome to have photos with their new baby brother/sister and of couse all of you together.

But I do ask that children under the age of 5 come to the session later on. You can either as a friend or relative to drop them off or collect them. I can give you plenty of warning so they can arrive on time.

The reason why I do this is because I know that asking young children to sit quite for 5 minutes is hard but to ask them to sit for three hours is near on impossible and we need to keep the room peaceful for baby.

A few tips to help you prepare


If you are bottle feeding, please bring plenty of feeds with you. You may not think your baby would be hungry if just fed, but feeding is very comforting for a new baby and this may help in getting them to sleep.

As what you eat will be passed through your breast milk please try and avoid any spicy foods and caffeine for 48 hours before your session. This will stop baby getting an upset tummy and be unsettled during the session.

Please try and ensure that your baby has been kept awake for at least an hour before the session and aim for them to be feeding as you arrive as this will help them settle to sleep early on.

As most babies hate being on dressed, please only dress your baby in a sleep suit with buttons down the front. If you’re worried about baby getting cold you can put plenty of blankets over them in their car seat. On arrival, please strip baby to the nappy and wrapped in a blanket before feeding. This will allow me to start working with baby straight away.

Most babies will find comfort from sucking a dummy between poses, if you have one please bring it with you. Dont worry if you dont have one, I always have brand new ones ready to use should we need one.

Unfortunately we do not have room for spectators, so only mum, dad (or one other adult) and baby should attend the session.

Please leave the photography up to me. No photos are allowed during the session. However you are more than welcome to take behind-the-scenes photos with me in action and post and tag on social media.

Please let me know if you’re running late for your session. I know getting out of the house with a new baby can be stressful but just let me know if you’re going to be a little late.

The address for you session is:

7 Pear Tree Avenue, Wingerworth, Chesterfield, S42 6QB

My number is 07783 155100