With Shrove Tuesday just around the corner, what better topic of conversation than pancakes, and toppings?

Pancake Day

If you’re anything like us, then you firmly believe pancakes are just calling out for deliciously sweet, sticky and sinful toppings. Chocolate and cream, butter and sprinkles all spring to mind. However, if you share your pancakes with mini versions of yourself, you may be worried about too much sugar and an inability to get little monsters to bed on time!

We’ve scoured the internet to bring you a list of the tastiest sounding, yet healthy toppings for you to use as an alternative.

Peaches and cream

What says healthy better than fruit? Whether you can get hold of fresh peaches, or you have to rely on the tinned variety, it doesn’t matter – it all tastes amazing. Of course, if you are using tinned peaches, buy them in juice, not syrup in a bid to reduce the sugar content. Simply pop the peaches on top and drizzle cream over.

You can even get hold of low fat cream (or ice cream) if you really want to be good.

Almond butter and bananas

Rather than using normal butter to add a bit of moisture to your pancakes, why not try almond nut butter instead? It tastes amazing, gives a great hit of almond and is also packed full of protein. Mix it up by adding sliced bananas and you have a winning combination that even the fussiest of children (or adults) is likely to love.

Apples and cinnamon

OK, we really are getting in to the fruit theme here, but is there anything better than an apple and cinnamon combination?

Slice your apples and sprinkle with cinnamon, then bake in the oven for approximately 20 minutes. Once they are suitably warmed through you can then pop a generous dollop on top of your pancakes for a hint of apple pie goodness.

Mango and coconut

A much underrated fruit, the mango is a great topping for pancakes, especially when combined with coconut yogurt. It is a fantastically refreshing hit, which should still satisfy your young ones sweet tooth. If you are feeling really decadent, why not add desiccated coconut as well for a texture change?

Whats your favourite topping? I must admit, I love chocolate spread (well I am a chocoholic).