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Before I had children I use to hear parents talking about their baby’s bowl movements and thinking how disgusting it was to be taking about it with your friends.

Now that I am a mum I completely understand!

For all you first time mums to be, here is the simple truth, you will become obsessed with your baby’s poop from day 1!

Your newborns first poop is called meconium, a soft and rather sticky substance which closely resembles tar, it has no smell (the smell gets worse over time, they break you in gently). Some babies actually pass this while still in the womb and can be very dangerous, but its most likely they will pass it within 24 hours of birth. So yep you’ve guessed it, you will be waiting on tender hooks for their fist poop (see your obsessed already).

Breast fed babies poo tends to resemble Dijon mustard, watery with little whitish seedy looking bits, while formula fed babies may have less watery poop, usually pasty in consistency and yellow or tan in colour, this can closely resemble Korma (put you off your curry for life). Because formula fed babies have less water in their poop this can lead them to becoming constipate, if this happens speak to your doctor. In this instance it tends to look like play dough!

I remember leaving my daughter, who was exclusively formula fed, with my husband for the day and when I came home the first thing I asked him was if she had pooped and what did it look like.

Honestly, this wasn’t a one off, this happened whenever I left her with anyone. I never though I would become obsessed with poo, but you can’t escape, you too will become obsessed.


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