– Chesterfield Children and family portrait photography –

Please be aware I am only curently doing Portrait sessions for pervious clients untill further notice.

Having children is one of life’s greatest gifts. The speed at which they grow and change is mind blowing. One minute we are nurturing them in our room and the next day going off to university.

Life is busy but I know you value your time together as a family and you cherish making memories above all else. No matter what age your child is or what stage your family is that I offer portrait sessions to suit every stage.

As busy working mums we can sometimes feel we fail at motherhood. We feel we don’t spend enough time with our children or we don’t do a good enough job of being a parent (I know I do). The great news is that science has proved that when a child sees themselves included in family photos that are displayed around the home, they instantly feel loved and cherished.

I have been a photographer now for over 14 years and have a vast experience of photographing both children and families. Please take a look at the links below to decide which style of photography you would like to have.

Please do feel free to give me a call or drop me an email about any session