Its totally normal to feel hotter during pregnancy, but when you are heavily pregnant during a heatwave it can be a total nightmare.

As well as it being uncomfortable its also not good for either you or your baby. Heres my top tips for keeping cool and staying safe during the hot weather.

1. Hands and feet

This lovely hot weather can cause your hands and feet to swell so take care of them. Consider removing rings so they dont become stuck and cause you pain. Find a nice pair of shoes that are loose fitting, perhaps even investing in a bigger size. Keep your feet up as much as possible and get your other half to give you a lovely foot massage.

2. Cool clothing

Try wearing light coloured clothing, this will help to reflect the sun. Changing your underwear for cotton ones can help too. Some women even say they find wearing mens cotton boxer shorts are a life save. Give it a try.

3. Stay hydrated

Research suggests that pregnant women should be drinking at lease 8 glasses of water per day, during the hot weather. Carry a water bottle with you everywhere, they are bang on trend too. You can even get ones that keep your drink cool for hours – perfect.

This may be a great way at keeping you hydrated but be prepared for making even more trips to the loo.

4. Get a fan

A fan is a brilliant way to help keep cool, set one up on your work desk (you can even get USB one too that plug into your computer) and enjoy. At night it can feel like its just moving the heat around, so freeze a big bottle of water and put just in front of your fan. Bingo, you’ve got yourself your very own DIY air con.

5. Shade

We all like to make the most of the sun when it finally makes an appearance, after all, here in the UK we never know how long we’ve got it for. But try as much as you can to stay in the shade.

During pregnancy your skin can become more sensitive so you need to take care. Use a suncream with SPF30 or more and one with a 5 star UV rating. Some women can develop a condition called chloasma, which causes brown patches on the face. the patches can appear even darker after exposure to the sun, as they tan more deeply than paler skin.


I would love to see how you are keeping cool in this heat. Let me know over on my facebook page