We’ve all been told time and time again about the importance of quality time as a couple. Not only will it reinvigorate your relationship but it will remind you of why you’re a couple in the first place. And wouldn’t it be nice to have a conversation that wasn’t interrupted by “will you help me do this?” “can you look at this?” “my friend said…” or “I need a wee” We’ve all been there.

That being said, the time you want might be necessary but it’s not always practical. Family demands are pretty much constant and small children don’t just give up wanting things just because Mummy and Daddy want 5 minutes’ peace.

However, what matters is the quality rather than the quantity so it matters little whether you manage to get half an hour or a whole weekend – what’s far more important is what you do with it.

Date night – Rubbish Iphone photo

The rules

Adding to the quality over quantity mantra, it’s best to set some guidelines or ground rules before you set out on your adventure, however large or small it might be.

Firstly, and I cannot stress this enough, leave the mobile phone behind. How are you going to have quality time with your significant other if the only part of their face you can see is that which is poking around the edge of a screen? So no phones!

Secondly, make a rule that you’re not going to talk about the practicalities of your normal life. Nothing will ruin your quality time faster than a “so, shall we decorate the bathroom this month?” So whatever needs discussing, from the shopping list to the garden, leave it at home.

What to do

You might think there are very few things you can do, especially if time or budget is against you. However, finding a little romance is easy when you start to think about it.

Why not recreate your first date? You could end up bowling or at the cinema, or you could find yourself at a restaurant you haven’t visited in years. Either way, what better way to rediscover the relationship than where you first found it?

Speaking of meals, there must be a restaurant you fancy; a nice posh one that puts glasses on the table and doesn’t expect tiny fingers to knock them off. One that doesn’t do child’s meals and gives you time between courses rather than throwing all of your food at you at the same time because they know you have only a small window to eat before the toddler decides to wander around saying hi to the other diners. Again, we’ve all been there!

Alternatively, you could enjoy some fresh air or an activity together. Walking or hiking is a great way to have a chilled out conversation whilst enjoying some fresh air. You might fancy something a little more action packed though so what about skiing, boating or an aerial assault course?

We are extremely lucky that my parents will have our 2 for a WHOLE weekend (yes I can hear your groan), We have our very own date nights, go out for a meal or to the cinema. We try and do this every couple of months.

Do you mange to get quality alone time?