As a mum of 2 I know all the struggles pregnant women go through. Here is some of the real struggles that most pregnant women will experience.


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As your beautiful baby bump expands as your baby grows you will soon find that you are getting into a bit of a problem shaving. This is due to you no longer being able to see past your expanding belly. I struggled with this so much, I gave up and went and got waxed! You can, if you are feeling brave, ask your partner to shave you.


One of the utter joys of being pregnant is gas! Yes you burp or fart all of the time, you cant help it. And the worst part is, you have no control over when and where it will happen. Yes you can almost guarantee it will happen at the most inappropriate times, like a meeting with your boss.


Your relationship with food will change forever. You go from throwing up at the smell of certain foods to combining pickles and ice cream on toast. You will crave wacky things and be sending your partner out at 2am to get you a bag of cheesy wotsits from the petrol station as you have woken up with the biggest craving you’ve ever had and you just have to have them now or you will explode!


Another one of the joys of pregnancy is that those pesky hormones are all over the place. One minute you are having  perfectly normal conversation the next you are wailing like a banshie because your friend mentioned they may be getting a puppy!


I almost 100% sure pregnancy is getting you mentally ready to have a baby, because no matter how you position yourself in bed, you just cant get comfy to be able to have a good nights sleep.   You can have a mountain of pillows helping to support you but then you get too hot and throw some on the floor. Roll over and stuff more pillows around you and you still cant get comfy. You will also get really mad at your partner because he can sleep and you are wide awake uncomfortable and craving cheesy wotsits. I say take one of those pillows and beat him over the head, I mean how dare he be able to sleep!


As you get further along in your pregnancy you will discover the joys of searching for your nearest toilet. This is because your growing baby will take great delight in using your bladder as a trampoline and enjoy bouncing around on it at ever opportunity they get. Meaning that you will need to use the toilet 1000% more than you did before you were pregnant. You will also need to pee at least 6 times durning the night too!