As a Derbyshire family photographer, I love photographing Newborns, but I also love watching them grow.

I’m very honoured that most of my Newborn Photography clients choose to have me photograph their babies first year milestones. This includes the sitter stage.

If you’ve missed baby stage, then the sitter stage is the next best time to capture your little one.

Their cute little hands and smiles. That cheeky personality that they have will really come through in the photos. Lots of giggling, smiling, clapping and hiddie boo.

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When do babies sit?

Every baby is different. Some babies will sit from 4 months and others wont sit until they are 8 months old or even older.

So for the sitting stage, I tend to advise that we do the shoot as soon as baby is sitting confidently unaided.


Where do the sessions take place?

They are taken in my studio in Wingerworth, Chesterfield.

I create a lovely bespoke session, just for your little one. You can choose to keep it quite plain or something a little more styled.

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