Over my 8 years as a photographer one of the things people often say quite a lot is “I bet you have so many photos up in your house”.

Of course the answer is yes. Photos are a really important part of my family. They give my children the sense of security & love when they see their photos adorning our walls. It also make me feel happy and full of pride..

Here is a little insight to which photos i have in my home and what they mean to me.

1) Our only family photo

Family Photography DerbyshireI took this photo earlier this year as I needed a family shot for my website. This is the only family photo we currently have up in our home. It means the world to me. I can’t begin to describe to you how much love I feel for my family when I look at this 30″ wall art sitting above my sofa. My son hates having his photo taken and I so proud of him for not only sitting there, but smiling too.

2) Freya

Children's Fine art PhotographyThis photo sits as a 20″ box frame above my TV. Its one of the photos I see most often. My daughter is simply beautiful. Believe it or not, this photo was not posed. She sat just like that and crossed her feet over. I see so much beauty in my daughter and it reminds me every day how lucky I am to have her in my life. For those of you who missed my blog about my PND my bond with Freya has been a work in progress. This photo helps to strengthen that bond.

3) Aric

Newborn Photography ChesterfieldI love this boy sooooo much, he fills my life with laughter. Just looking at this 20″ box frame that sits at the opposite end of the room to Freya’s, reminds me just how tiny & vulnerable he was when he was born. He was born at 36 weeks via emergency c-sec due to an infection. I have never felt so much love for anything than I did when he was put into my arms. This photo reminds me of all those feelings.

4) My Grandad

Chesterfield PhotographyThis image was take in June 2014. My grandad was very ill with cancer, we didn’t realise at the time just how ill he was. He asked me to take some photos of his garden in full bloom. He was very proud of it and didn’t think he would be able to keep it looking this amazing again. I had to bully him into sitting for me to get him in this photo and I’m so glad I did. He passed away January 2015. When I look at this image it reminds me of the wonderful man he was. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have started Wings Photography & be where I am today. I miss him so very much. It sits pride of place in my home & when I look at it I remember all the times, as a kid, he let me sit on his knee & we’d ride on his moped up and down my parents drive.

I have dozens of other images around my home but these are the most important to me. Photos aren’t just a record of you family, they hold feelings and memories too.

I would love to know which photos in your home hold the most meaning to you, please feel fee to comment below.