The Jaundice baby & your newborn session

I have been a Derbyshire newborn photographer for over 4 years now and have seen many baby’s with jaundice, including my own babies.

What is jaundice?

Jaundice is caused by the normal breakdown of red blood cells. This process releases a chemical called ‘bilirubin’, which makes the skin yellow. Babies break down red blood cells very quickly, but their livers aren’t developed enough to get rid of bilirubin. This results in a bilirubin overload, which causes physiological jaundice.

It occurs in about 50% of full-term newborn babies, and in up to 80% of premature babies.

You can often tell a Newborn has jaundice as it causes the skin and the whites of the eyes to go a yellow colour.

You can read more about Jaundice here.

Will it affect my Newborn session?

Not at all, I see lots of babies with jaundice and it is easily corrected in photoshop.

Here is a before and after photo:

Family Photography Chesterfield Derbyshire

As you can see the yellowness has been reduce in post production, giving to a more natural colour.

So there is no need to put your Newborn Photography Session on hold due to jaundice.

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