I have been working in the photography industry for 8 years now, the last 4 years I’ve have the privilege of photographing newborn.

Out of all the poses I do, there is one that stands out above all the rest. The “Froggy Pose” (see below)

This pose is not what it seems, it’s completely fake!

Yes thats right fake!

This image is a composite made up of 2 different images. Heres how it’s done:

As you can see for the above image baby is being supported at all times by mum. I then take both images into photoshop to create the finished image.

Many parents don’t realise this is how its done, They then visit a photographer who is not trained in the art of newborn photography and ask for this pose. Unfortunately, as the photograph has no understanding how is done babies are often left to balance like this. I’ve heard horror stories of babies falling out of an unsupported froggy pose and face planting on the beanbag.

You can see me in action creating this pose here during my live 2 day Newborn posing & business workshop for Engage Live:

You can book your newborn session form as early as 20 weeks pregnant.

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