Children's outdoor portraitsEvery season brings with it wonderful opportunities to explore nature, and autumn is no different. Why not read through some of our fab ideas for getting out and about this month and see if anything inspires you? We’d love to hear your suggestions too.

Go on a spider web hunt

One morning gran your wellies and head out looking for spiders webs. Morning is the best time because they are likely to be covered in dew. Kids love looking at the webs, especially as the little “diamonds” catch the light. Why not take some photos and share them with us?


OK, we know actual hibernation isn’t going to work but why not read some stories about animals that do like to hibernate? Then you can build your own den. Ask your child what they would take with them in their den if they were going to hibernate over winter. What would you take?

Collect leaves

This time of year there are so many beautiful leaves on the ground, why not go for a walk with your little ones and collect as many different shapes, colours and textures as you can. Put them in a bowl to create an interesting table centrepiece, or why not try to preserve them by drying them out and make some art with them?

Get planting

Now can be a good time to get planting in readiness for spring (which will be here again before we know it!). Pop down to your local garden centre, chose some bulbs, and get out in to that dirt.

Find some prints

One of the best things about this time of year is there’s often quite a lot of mud to be found when you’re out and about, whether that’s in fields, parks or the woods. While it might not be so good as far as your washing pile is concerned, it’s a great opportunity to look for animal tracks and footprints.

Go for a long walk and see if you can find any signs of wildlife on the ground. Perhaps someone has been out riding their horse? Maybe you can see a Gruffalo? If all else fails, why not take some paper and make muddy welly prints on them? Children love making mess (don’t we all know that?) and exploring the patterns on the bottom of their shoes.

Enjoy the wind

As the weather turns slightly there is a good chance it will get windier, but that’s no reason to stop having fun outside. Blowing bubbles on a windy day can be a lot of fun, as can a spot of old fashioned kite flying. Why not try to make a wind charm, or even a spoon station in your back garden to create some lovely music?

Get ready for Christmas

Whilst you are out and about in the woods, why not collect pine cones? You can then take these home and paint or decorate them. Spray them with fake snow, paint them red and gold, or cover them in glitter and you’ve got the makings of a fantastic centrepiece for Christmas.