While Valentine’s Day may be a predominantly American holiday, it is still something we celebrate on this side of the pond. If you’ve never really bought in to the hype and “pressure” of the Day of Love before, perhaps now you have children you can see it as an opportunity to do something fun and creative with them.

We’ve been scouring the internet to bring you our top five favourite things to do with little ones to celebrate love!


# 1 Lollipop Cards



No matter how old they are, children love receiving letters, and theses ones are even better because they contain lollies! Easy and cheap to make, these little guys can then double up as fun decorations to hang throughout the house.

Young children might even want to make some for friends, family and neighbours to spread the love a little further.

# 2 Keepsake card



If you want something a little less sugary, we adore these great “I love you this much” cards. Children will love being part of the process of making these fun cards, and they also make a great keepsake.

# 3 Valentines Heart Stamps



If you have little ones that are obsessed with painting, why not create these super easy heart stamps? All you need is a bit of red paint, some paper and the insert from a toilet roll holder. It really couldn’t be any simpler (or more fun!).

# 4 Win their heart



Why not try a spin on the classic noughts and crosses? Make your own hearts board with different coloured hearts instead, and see who can get all their hearts in a line. You can use felt, cloth, card or bits of coloured paper – whatever you have lying around.

# 5 Share the love



This is definitely our favourite, and works for anyone in your life. Each day put a new heart shaped post it or piece of paper on the bedroom door of your loved one, and write a reason why you love them on it.

We love how simple this is, and what a huge impact it can have, especially on young children. Can even help us remind other people in our lives why we love them and appreciate them so much too.