You might have noticed that due to COVID-19 lots of events have been cancelled or postponed. Unfortunately for pregnant ladies you can’t put the baby on hold. Speaking to a lot of my pregnant mums, they are all wishing their babies to stay in as long as possible, (Usually mums to be are desperate for their little one to vacate the womb asap lol) because all of their best made plans are now in taters. Virtual baby shower Baby showers have been cancelled & grandparents will be unable to meet and cuddle the baby. Of course we understand this has to be done to stop the spread of the virus but it still sucks. One thing you can do to help lift your spirits is a virtual baby shower. Here are some of they ways you can host one:  

A ‘Zoom’ baby shower

Zoom is the platform that most people seem to be using during lockdown you can have up to 100 participants in one zoom meeting!  Their basic account is free and usually limited to just 40 minutes, however, since the lockdown many meeting hosts have been able to extend their meetings free of charge.  You don’t need to download the app if you’re using a web browser.

A ‘Skype’ baby shower

This is very similar to Zoom (and probably the one most people know about) but you can only have 50 guests.  It’s totally free to use & I don’t think there are any time limits.

A ‘Facetime” baby shower

If you all have an apple device (phone, iPad, macbook or iMac) then this is perfect for up to 32 people and its totally free.  

Who should host?

Anyone can host the baby shower, a close friend or family member or if you want to you can host yourself!

Ideas for a virtual baby shower:

  • Arrange for decorations to be sent to everyone taking part so they can decorate the background for the party. This can then be set up beforehand so it helps set the mood.
  • Why not get everyone to print loads of photos off of themselves with the parents to be and make a scrap book with lots of lovely comments and words of wisdom. This could be done a few weeks before the party and them sent to the parents to be so they can open it at the party.
  • Everyone can either post or delivery (social distancing of course) their gifts for the parents to be so they can open during the shower. They could also create an amazon wish listfor this so you can make sure you get something they need.  Amazon even offer a gift wrap service for some items too so you could have the gift delivered directly to the parents.


  • Jackbox Games:  This is a fab company that offer a large selection of games suitable for an online baby shower.  You can play them on a phone, tablet or laptop.  The games do have a player limit, but you can all take it in turns.
  • The price is right:  As the parents to be will have lots of new baby related items at home they can choose a few and as the guests to guess the price. The guests then have to write their guess on a piece of paper and everyone shows theirs at the same time, the closest to the price wins!
  Already had an online baby shower? I would love to hear how it went in the comments section below.  Would also love to hear if you have any ideas you can add.