Ive been a photographer for over 8 year and I’ve often have people say to me, I would love to have photos done of my children as I love you photos, but my kids would never behave to get that “perfect” photo.

Well I have news for you, most kids do not sit perfectly for their photos, they are after all kids, they just want to play and mess around and thats normal.

Every family I have photographed have received stunning photos, but to get those perfect photos can take a little patients, a lot of fun and silly faces and sometimes even a little photoshop magic.

This is a photo of my children I took on a recent family outing to Rother Valley. My daughter loves having her photo taken but my son (age 3) hates it. It usually involves bribery to get him to participate.


Children's location photography

I love this photo, it really show the connection they have. But this didn’t just happen. It took a little patients, and a few funny photos to get the one i really wanted.

Here are some of the photos leading up to this:

Children's location photographyMy daughter was fooling around in most of the photos and just want to play, then I told her to tickle her brother. The result was perfect.


This photo was taken In my Boutique studio at the end of their brothers newborn session. The girls looked so beautiful in their green dresses and mum commented how they would be grubby within 5 mins of leaving the studio, so I wanted to get a nice photo of them looking beautiful.

Children's studio photography

It shows sisterly love, but again, it took a few photos to get to this point:

We had some funny faces and some giggle then we got the perfect photo.

Childrens studio photography

My advice for you, if you have been putting off photos because your worried how your children will behave…..

….Just BOOK IT!

Don’t worry about how your children will act. Its all part of the fun of creating fantastic photos.


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