When you hand your new baby over to anyone, you are always anxious. They are the most precious thing in your life, so you want to make sure that they are being held right, with their head being supported at all times.

It’s exactly the same when you take your baby for their newborn portraits. Only you aren’t handing them over to friends or family, you are handing them over to a total stranger.

I have been a photographer for over 9 years now, 4 as a newborn photographer and in that time I have been highly trained in the art of newborn photography. I now teach newborn safety and posing to other photographers, so you can relax in the knowledge that I will keep your newborn safe and secure while I’m photographing them.

Here you can see me completing the froggy pose on filming my live 2 day Newborn photography workshop on Engage Live in 2015.

This is a pose that should only be done as a composite. As you can see in the video, the parent is always supporting the baby.

Here are the photographs from that same session.

Baby safety

I’ve seen so many videos where the photographer simply leaves the baby in this position, unsupported. This is so dangerous, as one sneeze, or if the baby startles they would faceplant onto the beanbag causing damage to their fragile neck.

Another photo achieved safety is the baby in dads hands.Newborn Baby Photography Chesterfield Derbyshire_0022

As you can see form the first photo, baby is sitting on dads hand which is millimetres above the beanbag. Mum has her hand on babies back and on the count of three she moves it for a split second and then puts it back.

Babies are such fragile creatures that they need to be secure at all times.

I love my job, but I would never risk a babies safety to get a photo.

To enquire about your newborn session please email Lyn@wingsphotography.co.uk