Family Photography Chesterfield Derbyshire

At the end of 2014 I made the decision that I wanted to specialise in the area of photography that I most loved, Newborns.

I had started my photography career as a wedding photography in January 2007 and after trying my hand at every other area in photography I decided that I wanted to focus all my efforts newborns

You see, you can be a Jack of all trades photographer, shooting whatever you are asked, but for me I like to become the best at what I do. If I was to spread that focus, I wouldn’t truly become the best.

I have put in hundreds of hours training and honing my skills in Newborn Photography to make me one of the best Newborn Photographers in the UK. Even now I still seek out the best Newborn Photographers in the world to train with and this year sees me training with Kelly Brown, an Australian Newborn Photograph, who in my opinion is the top newborn Photographer in the world.

In June 2015 I was head hunted by the online training provider, Engage Live, to teach a 2 day Newborn Photography & Business class that was broadcast live to in excess of 2000 photographers all over the world.

This has increased the demand for me to train other photographers from across the UK, however, I try to keep this to a few a year, as my clients are my main focus.

In November 2015 recently achieved what no other photographer in the UK has, an Associateship in Newborn Photography with The British Institute of Professional Photographers. You can see my successful panel here.

I have also won many awards for my Newborn & portrait work over the years.

All this training and focus in my art means that my clients can relax in the knowledge that when they hand over their precious tiny newborn to me, they are in safe, well trained hands.

They know they are going to receive perfectly posed and edited photos, capturing the newness of their little miracle.

All the parents have commented how relaxed my Newborn sessions are and that they really enjoyed watching me work with their tiny humans.

So if you are pregnant and looking to book me for your Newborn Portraits find out why I advise you should book your Newborn Portrait session here