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Pregnancy often gets a lot of bad press, from morning sickness to stretch marks and of course the ever-present heartburn, but there are some positives to come out of those precious 40 weeks.

Here are our top 10 reasons why it’s great to be pregnant:

#1 – Naps

Under normal circumstances falling asleep on the sofa at 3pm is likely to get you ridiculed, and possibly photographed and shared on social media. However, thanks to the hormonal and physical demands of pregnancy, nap times are to be expected. In fact, they are openly encouraged by health professionals, so if you want a nap, go ahead and take one guilt-free.

#2 – You can stop obsessing

Pregnancy can encourage you to stop stressing about the little things. Whether that’s how much you eat, when you nap, what to do or whether you can fit in to those jeans or simply getting pregnant in the first place, that can all stop now you have a bone fide reason for expanding.

Of course, you may well change all of that for obsessing over your pregnancy and impending labour, but that’s a whole other matter.

#3 – You’ll never be stuck for conversation

Sometimes it can be hard to think of something to say, whether you’re striking up small talk with a neighbour or fellow passenger on the bus, or conversation has dried up at an event. The good news when you’re pregnant is that there is always something to talk about, from when you’re due, to what you’re having, baby name ideas and opinions on breastfeeding.

#4 – You will look amazing

OK, so for the first few weeks you may feel terrible, and depending on how bad your morning sickness you may well have looked better. However, the good news is that doesn’t last forever and eventually you will bloom. For many women pregnancy brings with it amazing complexion, luscious hair and long, strong nails. If you’re lucky you may end up with all three!

#5 – Bigger boobs

We don’t want to turn this in to appearance obsession but the fact is pregnancy will give you bigger boobs. In some cases significantly bigger boobs. So you can ditch those chicken fillets and WonderBras and embrace your natural fuller figure.

#6 – Body confidence

For many women pregnancy is the first time they feel completely happy and confident with their bodies. The bigger boobs, the expanding stomach (that you have no control over), the hair etc all make you really embrace who you are. Before long you start to accept it doesn’t matter what you look like, you are creating a brand new human being and that is beyond awesome!

Long may it continue once that baby is here, because woman, you are amazing!

#7 – Comfy pants

Comfy pants are always comfy, but they take on a whole new dimension when you’re pregnant and determined to avoid the pain of the restricted waistband. Now the blessing is no one expects you to be out and about in fitted jeans, trousers or skirts – you can literally live in jogging pants and leggings and no one will judge you!

#8 – Baby Hiccups

Yes, you will get aches and pains, and you will find it harder to move, but all of that pales in to insignificance when you feel those precious baby hiccups.

#9 – No more periods

Really, this needs no explanation.

#10 – Something to look forward to

The older you get the less things there seem to be look forward to. Birthdays and Christmas don’t always hold the same level of anticipation they once did. However, watching that baby grow and counting down to D-Day is a magical experience and can fill every waking moment with excitement.