When you made the decision about what car seat you wanted for your Newborn, did you choose a one that was cheap and of an unknown brand or a more expensive well know brand with an impeccable safety record?

Im guessing many of you will say the latter.


Simple, because you are trusting your tiny baby’s life to that car seat. You want to make sure that if you did have an accident that your precious baby would be protected.

This is the same for Newborn photography!

Newborn photography is an art, its not just simply photography. You aren’t just paying for pictures, you’re paying for the peace of mind that your photographer has been trained to the highest standard and will ensure that your tiny baby is safe at all times.

Before handing your baby over to a photographer you need to check a few points:

Has this photographer been fully trained in the art of newborn photography?

I have seen photos of babies that are clearly distressed or have been posed unsafely, taken by some excellent wedding & portrait photographers. Just because they are a really good photographer doesn’t mean they can automatically know how to photograph a newborn.

Do they know how to achieve all the poses safely?

I often see photos come up in my Facebook newsfeed of babies who have not been posed safely. It varies from babies hanging out of baskets to an unsupported froggy pose.

Can they show composite examples of their more complex poses to show how a pose was achieved safely?

If the answer is NO, run away, do not book, do not continue the session.

As a member of BANPAS (Baby and Newborn Photographers Association) we have to show composite images before we are accepted into the association. Here are a few of mine:

Newborn photos Chesterfield, Derbyshire, Sheffield

This is the famous Froggy pose. The bottom two photos show how the pose was achieved. Its then taken into photoshop and the top one is what it looks like finished.

Ive seen a video recently of a Newborn photographer who is leaving the baby unsupported in this pose. if the baby startles they can throw themselves forward, doing damage to their neck & spine.

Newborn photos Chesterfield, Derbyshire, Sheffield

This one is much the same as the froggy pose. A newborn’s head is very large in proportion to it’s body, their necks simply isn’t strong enough to support their head. This pose should only be completed as a composite.

Newborn in dads hands

The baby in the air pose! Actually, baby is lying safely on the beanbag at all times. This should never be attempted by holding baby in the air.

All these poses take a lot of training & practice to achieve, you should never attempt to copy of the poses yourself.

As Chesterfield’s leading Newborn Photographer I’m alway promoting safety in what I do. When you place your baby in my hands you know they are going to be kept safe & happy. You are also going to get amazing photos that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Check out my video that domes some of my beautiful work as well as some composite:

To book you newborn session please email Lyn@wingsphotography.co.uk