Baby photos chesterfield, Derbyshire, Sheffield

As a Derbyshire Specialist Newborn Photographer I always advise mums to book their newborn photography session after their 20 week scan.

Why? Well there is two reasons for this:

1) Because this will guarantee that you can have a session with myself and 99% of the time it will be before your baby is 14 days old.

2) The 20 week scan we often think of it as a gender scan, because this is when we can find out if the baby is blue or pink. However, its actually an abnormality scan and is used to detect any problems in your pregnancy. For this reason I will not take bookings until you have had this scan.

How does booking this early in my pregnancy works, as we all know babies come when they are good and ready, so how can I book a session?

Your due date is used as a guid, in most cases babies will arrive within 2 weeks of this date so I pencil you in my diary for dates 2 weeks either side of your due date. You won’t get a fixed date until your baby actually arrives but this is so I have dates available should your baby arrive early or late.

For this reason I can only take a limited number of prebookable appointments each month, so places are extremely limited.

What happens if my baby is born Premature?

If your baby has to spend any time in the hospital we will photograph your baby as soon as they are allowed home. Premature babies are often very tiny and spend a lot of time a sleep and depending on how premature they are will determine when you are released form hospital.


Premi sessions can take a little longer than a regular newborn session but we are still able to achieve newborn poses.

Can’t I just wait until my baby is here before I book in?

Of course you can, but i’d advise against it. I’m usually booked up well in advance and as I only photograph newborns up to 5 weeks old you run the risk of me not having any available appointments in time for you to get to have newborn photos.

So why is it best to get my baby photographed before they are 14 days?

As new parents we tend to think of our babies as newborns for quite a while where in fact a baby is only a newborn up to 28 days (4 weeks), after this time they become infants. I photograph newborns up to 4 weeks old but the best age to photograph babies is when they are under 14 days old. This is because their bones are still a soft cartilage and much more flexible. They are also still in “womb mode”, they still haven’t figured out that theres is all the space out here and will easily go into the curled up poses. Once they are past the 14 days stage they are more aware that there is all this space and all this interesting stuff going on. This means they take longer to settle to sleep and they resist going into the tuck up poses.


Baby photos chesterfield, Derbyshire, Sheffield

What happens if I’ve got a session book but my baby passes away?

Its not something nice to think about but Pregnancy, unfortunately, isn’t straight forward and problems do occur before, during or shortly after birth.

If the unthinkable happens I will of course refund your session fee. You will also be offered the services of Remember my Baby to have some remembrance photos of your little one. This is total a free service. You can read my blog about why I volunteer here.

Where can I view more of your work?

You can visit my main website and Facebook page and you can also see a behind the scene video of what goes on in a newborn session here:

How do I book my session?

To book or for more information about my newborn sessions please email