This is one of the most frequently asked questions new parents ask me at their Newborn session – “When will my baby sleep?”

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First off, all babies are different so there is no way to predict when they will get into any sort of routine. Some babies sleep from a few weeks old and other take a few months.

Here are somethings to think about as to why babies are awake most of the night.

On the move

Think back to when you were pregnant. You’re on your feet all day, working or looking after other children. During that time your baby may feel like they are they are doing gentle movements all day. However, once your home and put your feet up, or when you’ve just got in to bead. Bam, baby is jumping around like they are practicing for the next olympics.

This is because as you move around baby is being gently rocked and it can lull them to sleep. But when you stop, baby gets active.

Therefore when baby arrives in to the world, their whole sleep routine is backwards. They are asleep most of the day and wide awake at nigh. It can take them a little time to adjust to a whole new routine.

Make some noise

Country to popular belief, babies like noise.

Think about it, the womb is a noisy place. Baby can here mum’s voice, her digestive system working, all the blood rushing around mums body and can even hear the dog barking or the hoover being put round.

So don’t worry about making noise.

White noise

White noise is brilliant at helping babies to sleep, I even use it in the studio during my newborn sessions. Most apps are free so you can try them out before purchasing anything to see if it will work for your baby.

Toys like Ewan the dream sheep is a brilliant invention (wish they had these when my kids were babies), you can now get a responsive one that will start working as soon as your baby starts to cry.


All in all, try not to worry and don’t compare your baby with anyones else, your baby will eventually get into a routine.